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Fear and Creativity.

I have always been a naturally artistic person from a very young age. But I was never the type of person who felt comfortable sharing my talents openly until I got older and even then I was anxious about it. After the mess that was the year 2020, I promised myself that I would be fearless and confident when it came to the gifts that I had been given.

Fear can often stop us from doing so much whether it be trying a new hair color or taking a new profile picture. In terms of creative expression, it can be daunting to start a new project to the point of avoiding it all together. Sometimes anticipating what others will think stops us from growing into our full potential. In my experience I talk myself out of doing so much out of the fear of not being adequate enough or as good as the image that I have created in my head. But 2021 will be the year that I just share whatever I want and allow the universe to work in my favor. Because at the end of the day I know that I am my own biggest critic. My latest endeavor has been …. singing. I have been singing my favorite songs at the top of my lungs for as long as I can remember and it fills my heart with so much joy. Until recent years, you would never catch me on the internet singing but this week I decided to post my first cover on YouTube. I made sure to post it right before I went to sleep and threw my phone to the other side of my room right after but the point is it's out there for anyone to hear.

So I challenge anyone reading this blog post to start that YouTube channel, write that poem, buy that leather jacket that you have been wanting for the past two years. What's the worst that can happen? And if you aren't ready to share that piece of yourself right now or ever that's ok too. Not everything needs to be shared for public consumption. I know there are some poems that I have written that will never see the light of day lol and that is completely fine with me. My point is to not let that worried feeling in the back of your head stop you from expressing who you truly are.

In a world where it often seems like there are so many people with the same ideas and dreams it can seem pointless to try to throw your hat in the ring. Nobody else is exactly like you so when you are in that space of doubt it is important to remember that fact. I know that whole "nobody else is like you" quote can be cheesy but it is essential to remember that sentiment to avoid getting lost in the day to day event of life. I would like each and everyone of you to join be on my journey of becoming the most authentic version of myself.


Love and Light,

Maya Marie

(oh and here's that cover I was talking about if you were curious)

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