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Brunch... is that you sis??

This past weekend I went to brunch at Fellaship in Atlanta so I thought I would share my fit with you guys. First, I have to state that I planned on wearing a black wide brimmed hat with this look but my head had other plans ( my head is big af lol). I was so excited to sip on my little mimosa in my brunch hat but I guess that will have to wait until next time. So I had to throw my hair into a quick bun and make something shake. I'm not mad at the bun because it came out looking messy and intentional when I really threw it together in the passenger seat of my brothers car.

Let's get into this look though shall we? Of course the majority of my outfit was thrifted since I was practically born in a Goodwill. I have been waiting to pull out this statement blazer for some time so I decided to make red a recurring theme in my look. I really enjoyed the relaxed fit of the blazer and decided to pair it with an all black outfit as to not take away from the center of the outfit, the jacket. My pants and button up are from H&M and were basically the first thing I saw that wouldn't clash with my blazer and also fit my small frame. I was trying to be on my young man energy this day so I decided to put on my red penny loafers (also thrifted) to complete the ensemble.

Accessories...accessories, an outfit is NOT complete without the right accessories. For jewelry I have in my everyday earrings that I impulse bought from either H&M or Forever 21 and my rings are also from Forever 21. I put on this gold necklace to coordinate with the detailing in the blazer and last but not least... this purse. Cherries are the fruit of the day sis and I was beyond excited to have a reason to carry this bag with its bamboo style handles. The notes of red in the design were the perfect thing to tie together the red aesthetic that I planned. As for brunch I had a great (and safe) time out and looked stylish at the same time. Until next time friends...


Peace Out,

Maya Marie

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